Here’s Why Verizon Email Not Working And Its Fixes!

Here’s Why Verizon Email Not Working And Its Fixes!

Verizon Email has migrated services to AOL but is in the game today as well. However, your purpose to be here is to find a solution for your Verizon Email Not Working issue. Notably, there are numerous reasons causing Verizon’s email down. These are POP or IMAP server issues, login information issues, connectivity problems, email server issues, browser issues, and many others.

However, to resume Verizon email services it is a must to mitigate causing issues. Here’s the list of fixes to do so.

Before moving to tackle mainstream causes behind Verizon mail dysfunction, it’s better to deal with small yet problematic troubles. Here’s what you need to fix before expecting an ideal usage of Verizon Email.

  • Keep your device updated to the latest version.
  • Clear off extra stuff to create space in your device.
  • Shift to Google DNS.
  • Check for any malware attack on your system by initializing a scan.
  • Check for internet connectivity: For an email to function well, it’s necessary to have fast internet access.
  • Ensure the AOL server is working at best: The server is first priority in making sending and receiving mail successful. To check whether the server is working or getting down, consider taking the help of sites like in.

Troubleshooting steps For Verizon Email not working–

As you have applied the aforementioned quick tips, now you will get mainstream issues resolved by explaining each one in detail. Here’s how ‘Verizon Email not working today’ fixes.

Step: 1 Optimize Your Browser:

Every time a user uses a browser, it’s necessary that it is working at par. To ensure this, optimization becomes necessary. Optimization of the browser will help your Verizon mail function without any delay. Hence, to optimize the browser, you need to clear caches, browsing history, and cookies. Further, to continue the process, you need to: tap three dots> choose the setting option>Pick Privacy and Security>and tap clear browsing data.

Step: 2 Make Antivirus Out of Use (Temporarily):

Using antivirus tools is common to remain safe. However, it’s not always good for other apps to function well. A lot of times, it has been observed, when any kind of restriction is imposed, the services are affected. This is why a try without antivirus would be a better choice to regain Verizon email workings.

Moreover, if it helps really to eradicate what you have been facing, active antivirus and other measures to protect your device.

Step: 3 Try Password Check or Reset Process:

Usually, forgetting a password is considered one of the causes for Verizon mail not working issues as users keep trying with the wrong credentials. But, this is not something which should make you tense, as only a few efforts will help solve such problems.

At times when you enter the password and it shows wrong, it means either it is wrong or someone has accessed your account’s password. But worry not; try out the given ‘Password Reset’ help.

  • In the beginning, visit due to the transfer of service from Verizon to AOL.
  • Then, enter the username for the Verizon account; tap ‘Next’
  • Next, simply tap the ‘Forgot Password’ option and go through the remaining steps. In the end, your password will be changed.

Note: an alternate phone number or email address is necessary provide in order to get a temporary password or code that is for account verification.

Step: 4 Put Correct Verizon AOL Email Settings:

In order to send or receive correct emails on Verizon, it is important to put Verizon in the proper setting. In case you use Verizon mail through AOL, you need to configure the server manually. On the other hand, enable SSL encryption for incoming and outgoing mail.

Here’s to choose the server setting for your Verizon mail:


Incoming mail server (POP3); 995-SSL

Outgoing mail server (SMTP); 465-SSL


Incoming mail server (IMAP):; 993-SSL

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):; 465-SSL

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How To Fix Verizon Email Not Working On iPhone?

The given steps will help iPhone users to resolve Verizon email issues. Hence, take the help of the down below steps to fix the issue.

1. Look for the Mail setting on your iPhone:

If you are facing Verizon not working on your iPhone, it’s essential to check the email setting on the device. In order to put the setting well, the user should look for ‘Settings’ on the device. After that, choose the ‘Password and Accounts’ option.

2. Verify iOS mail Fetch:

  • Initially, tap the “Settings”
  • Next, move to the “Passwords & Device”
  • Then after, tap the “Fetch New Data” to get it enabled.

3. Enter the Correct Email ID along with the Password: 

Most of the time, due to the hustle and bustle, the user tends to enter the incorrect email address or the password for it. This is why it hinders to be using your device. Hence, check for the details you have mentioned, and if find any error, rewrite it.

Additionally, in case you wish to change your current password, you can do so easily.

4. Establish a genuine internet connection: 

Oftentimes, connecting service is hectic due to the poor quality of the network. So, to get rid of it, the only step that seems working here is to check for the connection and then move further.

If you have checked for the network connection and the issue still persists, it’s time to reset the network setting for your iPhone. Here’s the step to do so.

  • First, tap “Settings”
  • Then, choose the ‘General’ tab and move to the bottom and tap ‘Reset’
  • After that, click the “Reset Network Settings”
  • At last, if they ask to enter a passcode; provide it. Also, you now enter your WiFi password all the way from the beginning.


That’s all! We have reached the end of this quick resolution guide where we talked about why Verizon Email Not Working and also how to eradicate this issue. Furthermore, if you have a sense of doubt even after the fixes defined here, shy not to connect with Verizon email customer service.